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We Welcome You!

We are very happy you have chosen to plan a walk on our old, but still alive culture trail. Take your time mirror yourself in the wide expanse of nature. You do not have to be a sportsman to enjoy the area. It is not difficult walking.

Cabin areas in Badjelánnda / Padjelanta national park are maintained by members of the Sami mountain economic organization in Tuorpon, Jåhkågasska and Sirges.

Running costs of the cabins only comes from overnight guests and service charges. We have no grants or other financial support for the areas. We aim to provide high quality services. During the whole winter we have, for example, at least one cabin open in each. Around the Easter period we have staff on hand if you are travelling by skis and need help or advice. We also want you to enjoy contact with and experience the local inhabitants of the Sami villages.

Within the ‘Laponia program’ we are developing the contact with Sami way of life and tourism. 

We do not have facilities to take payment by credit /debit cards – only cash payments.

Badjelánnda Laponia Turism ek. för.
Köpmangatan 19
Telephone: +46 70-281 30 03
© Badjelánnda Laponia Turism 2012

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